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0 Member Avatar igotdreams 12 Years Ago A Brief History I like to call this my instant call back feature. Basically I knew that you can send a text message to your phone through email. So I said to myself, "self, why not send yourself the text message through a web form through some type of sendmail script!". So that is how I came up with this little script several years ago, it has been my little secret ever since. I use it on my Real Estate Web Site program, where I build web sites for real estate agents. Basically I label "Instant Call Back Feature", to imply that as soon as they enter the information, the real estate agent will call them instantly. The user fills out the form and then a text message is sent to the web site owners phone alerting them that they had a web site visitor that wants them to call them. I have only seen a handfull of people on the net think of it as well and implement their own variations, but today I decided to teach you! Examples of Potential Script Use! - instant call feature - alert web site owner of a sale - send personal messages - alert web site owner they are out of inventory How to send text messages to your phone via email ussually your email for text messaging is your phone number w/areacode (without spaces) @ your provider.com You will have to go to your providers web site and look it up. Here are some examples I know; 4075551212 {@} messaging.sprintpcs.com (sprint pcs) 4075551212 {@} tmomail.net (T mobile) 4075551212 {@} vtext.com (Verizon) The Tutorial We are going to make this as simple as possible. We are going to create 2 pages, these pages are sample.htm and sampleproc.cfm. There will be 3 sets of code snippets used, they are; - the form - javascript validation - the processing form sample.htm here is the code to put in your sample.htm page. Sample Page!

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